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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  August 27, 2016 9:30pm-10:01pm MDT

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federal, jewel and mississippi is the borders per the average rent $799, but for $1,300 chris gets a three-bedroom house with a patio and backyard but still for him it seems expensive. >> we used to pay 1,000 and now we pay 13. >> overall, denver ranks 21st in the country for the most expensive rent however rent felt around 3 percent last month. if you're new to the city, good luck. those are the two extremes. and if you are a native and still in shock maybe you feel like this guy, suburbs home. >> i might look for somewhere outside of denver to move to it eventually. >> joe st. george, fox 31 denver. >> as for the most expensive neighborhoods apart from the golden triangle, lodo and the central business district come in second and third as for other cheap neighborhoods outside of ruby hill, sun valley and westwood are considered affordable to the full map is on a website right now italy is getting ready to wake up after a day of mourning for the victims of wednesday's earthquake. political leaders gathered to
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victims added a state funeral health today. the disaster killed at least 290 people. thousands of survivors now living in camps. their homes flattened and towns unrecognizable. in bangladesh, police killed when the suspected mastermind of the july terror attack at a ca?e in dhaka. please go the suspect into other people during an hour-long gunbattle. investigators identified the suspect as a bangladesh canadian. the two other suspects have not been identified thrgh people were killed in last month's attack in dhaka. police say another suspected mastermind is under investigation. now to the presidential election, green party candidate joel stein is campaigning and colorado. today she made stops in colorado springs and fort collins for tomorrow she will visit boulder and denver. the latest colorado pull shows stein getting about 7 percent of the boat. on the democratic side of the aisle, three clinton spent saturday morning getting her first national security briefing as her party's nominee.
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briefing earlier this month. the meeting comes after the clinton campaign got good news from the state department, announcing the logs of all of her meetings as secretary of state won't be fully released until december, well after the election. donald trump kicked off the weekend at the annual roast and ride veteran bikers event and i iowa. the gop nominee made a point to clear up any confusion about his immigration policy after some critics implied he may be softening. >> on day one, i am going to begin illegal immigrants from this country. >> it had been reported trump was going to give a speech on immigration policy in denver this week, but it was postponed as a campaign said it was fine tuning the policy. across america tonight, a tragic shooting and chicago is making national headlines for the cousin of nba star dwayne wade was gunned down friday afternoon, caught in the crossfire while pushing her baby in a stroller. police say two men started shooting at another man and 32
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hit in the head and arm and died at the hospital. presidential candidate donald trump is stirring up controversy on twitter, tweeting this morning dwayne wade's cousin was shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african americans will vote trump your he followed the tweet with another several hours later expressing his condolences to the family, but democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine said that should have been first. >> the tweet isn't import crime. a woman and her child on the way to a store getting shot. it is really tragic. of course we need good leadership to focus on these issues and sympathy for the family is the thing we ought to be feeling. >> police are questioning two people in the shooting. a young aurora family found brutally murdered and a big break in a cold case investigation more than three decades after it happens. for the first time in more than 30 years, police have an idea of
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fox 31 dave young shows us the new developments that may finally lead to that killer. >> it's all based on dna profiling taking a sample of someone's dna to generate an idea of what they may look like. advanced technology is about allowing scientists to make that prediction and solve the mystery that still haunts the members of that family it happened more than a quarter-century ago. you have to go through the archives to remember. a crime so random, so the shock still defies explanation. >> it's almost like raging combat in the middle of a single-family house. >> where a young aurora family was murdered without a motive or a suspect. for some of us it's become kind of a obsession and one of the oldest cases we have. >> now for the first time using new dna technology, police have images of what the killer may have looked like in 1984 and now. the man who attacked bruce bennett, his wife deborah and their seven -year-old daughter melissa with a hammer and
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stabbed to death. three -year-old daughter vanessa critically wounded. >> bruce his mom would probably be elated to see some type of closure in the case and some type of explanation as to why this occurred. >> virginia lab technicians created the images of the colors likely characteristic appearance using evidence from the crime scene, it's called dna phenotyping. >> i'm hoping it will eventually point us in the direction. >> the advances offer a snapshot composite profile, nearly 33 years later. >> when they do something like that -- >> they never had a vague description. despite questioning more than 500 people back then turning up no leads. about a week before the killings a woman was murdered with a hammer in our liquid home. >> we will go out on a volunteer basis in uniform going out and looking for this guy or looking for houses that could be targets for the sky. >> for the first time in three decades, knowing what he might look like. police say they have cracked every national database looking
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but haven't found one. they hope someone sees pictures and remember someone living or working here back in 1984. dave young, fox 31. >> the nass to work on a saturday by your company is the last thing anyone wants to do but for the employees of pcl construction, it's a tradition nearly three decades old. >> a bit of hard work. >> you missed a spot. >> and about 40 volunteers. >> they showed up at morning and now we are completing the project almost six this house on south shoshone street is getting a tlc. >> it something that we get the pain upon and we work with brother's department. we are helping pay the house of a person who is in need. >> -- >> the pentagon is a program where we pick houses for low income seniors and people living with disabilities completely free to the homeowner. >> with the help of plc
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grandma will get some much-needed help. >> i can imagine what it will cost us to try to get this done for grandma financially it would be very tough. >> being on a low income and not the best health, it's hard for his grandmother to keep up with her home. >> she's 84 years old and pretty frail. so for her to even have the money or to do it herself is impossible. >> the possibilities change when you have an army. >> it's night and day. i think i can speak for g she's going to get pretty emotional when she sees the condition. >> and the community a little stronger. >> just doing this is gratifying , being able to do something for someone who can't do it for themselves. >> each year brother's redevelopment as 100 houses paired this is the 100th house of the year for the organization. every year thousands die from coronary heart disease. but now doctors have a new tool to save lives. up next, colorado's role of the major medical breakthrough. plus, the rockies plate extra
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details and reaction next in sports. broncos fans time is running out for you to have the chance to win this championship football. it's autographed by von miller and demaryius thomas. buy a $100 ticket for the saint jude dream home giveaway and have a chance to win that and the brand-new home. 1-800-276-7695. >> have something you would like us to investigate or a problem you think we could help you solve? call us e-mail us at problem solvers at kdvr .com. or go online to kdvr .com and click on contact us along the top of the homepage. the fox 31 problem solvers,
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in a new attempt to fight zika,
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donations in the us and territories tested for the virus. the fda says the expanded testing will help reduce the risk of transmission. a similar recommendation was already in place for parts of florida and puerto rico. florida's governor said efforts in his state have been key in preventing the virus from spreading. >> we haven't had a new case and over three weeks now. >> the new recommendations come as the centers for disease control announced its documented the first case of a person who didn't know he had zika, then transmitted it to its female -- they have a 12 week deadline that was put in place by the fda. a major development in the treatment of coronary heart disease per the fda recently approved the first fully dissolvable hearts that. foxy one tammy the fox of the greeley man who became the first in colorado to receive it. >> good morning.
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is always on the go. >> if you're lucky we get to go fishing next week. >> until he wasn't. >> down i went. boom, just like that. >> twice he fell within minutes, four weeks ago breaking his wrist. a week later the 70 -year-old learned he had coronary artery disease. >> it was to lock it is on that particular artery. >> the diagnosis coming just two weeks after the medical center of the rockies got the latest technology and heart stents made ou use for -- >> the stent is placed into a blocked artery by using a balloon and breaking up plaque. >> this with the bloom looks like when it's inflated. >> it to the artery open where it disappears completely in three years. >> this metal stent is the standard but it's permanent. unlike the dissolvable one, which requires a patient take lifelong medication. >> and long-term there is little to no chance the artery will
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that and you have to be kidding. it really is astounding. in my life has changed for the better. >> he becomes the first in colorado to receive the fda approved milestone procedure just two weeks ago. though the hospital and planted 13 devices and clinical trials. >> a week ago i could hardly make this whole. >> he is a man back on his feet with his heart on the mend. a grandfather of eight whose gratitude really heart. >> very grateful to be here and there is no way to think them enough. >> in loveland, tammy vigil, fo. >> now pinpoint weather with meteorologist mark monstrola. >> what a day it was for a barbecue and maybe around of golf or just the day with the family at the park. plenty of sunshine all day long and comfortable temperatures in the middle to upper 80s. pretty good late summer afternoon and starting to be a
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i don't want to jinx on the broncos but they are up eight with time running down. maybe this is good fortune for them. this is a shot of mile high city stadium and you can see a picture perfect blue and orange sunset. that came around a few hours ago to close out what was a beautiful day. temperatures today back into the low to mid 80s in most locations. 85 degrees downtown and low 90s in the southeast part of e sixtys and 70s in the mountains and off to the western slope of grand junction hit a high of 78 degrees. a bit cooler now and more comfortable outside after the sun went down. upper 60s and a couple of upper 50s showing up in a few locations. mid- 60s across the city including castle rock and the pummel ridge park on the southeast side of town for them we start to back down to the 50s and even some 40s as you go for the westbound into the higher terrain. outside now in the city just a few passing clouds overhead,
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temperatures are sitting at 71 degrees downtown. 65 degrees at dia and a nice breeze rolling in at 5-10. tonight could get breezy at times with winds as high as 15 miles per hour. you can see the white on the map is a cloud cover streaming in from southwest to the northeast through town and off to the eastern plains. we keep it partly cloudy throughout the overnight. there are a few lingering showers as most of the rain activity today was well south of there is still a few showers in the far southeast corner of the state that i anticipate will fade out pretty quickly as our future cast shows. although, if one or two communities as we approach tomorrow morning and noticed future cast tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. a few spotty mountain showers. we are dry downtown and on the planes but there could be patchy fog and a few locations wake up to the second half of we can. it will burn off close quickly and spotty showers continue on
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the high country. a couple of those may stream through the lower elevations. about a 20 percent shot if you are around the metro that you see scattered showers tomorrow afternoon. we pick it up from there and we zoom out at 10:00 tomorrow night monsoon a flow coming from the southwest. we keep these rain opportunities around pretty much every afternoon through wednesday. much of east of the each of those days will include sunshine with fairweather clouds mixing and but from time to time there pop-up and late day showers and maybe isolated thunderstorm. most tonight a little cool in the low 50s or so. some 40s and 30s as you go west of town. tomorrow afternoon very similar to what we saw today. middle 80s or so before it is all wrapped up. 55 degrees overnight tonight and partly cloudy skies. patchy fog by morning and breezy in spots. beautiful start to the day tomorrow. could be patchy fog and that burns off quickly.
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thunderstorm possible with a low of 85 degrees for the three day forecast shows a 20 percent chance again on monday for a pop-up shower or storm. copy and paste to tuesday and pretty much similar for the first few days. we show you the seven-day and let you know if any changes will be headed our way in 30 minutes. >> it so nice to not see the 90s on that 70 forecasts. >> it feels good now. >> comfortable weather. i know you are busy indoors for part of the day today at the saint jude dre h you have less than week to buy the tickets to the giveaway. we have talked about it for weeks we will announce the winner of the gorgeous home next thursday morning. you can still buy a ticket but you need to do so before they sell a peer the brand-new dream home is in the tollgate crossing neighborhood and the cherry creek school district. four bedrooms, four bathrooms valued at $550,000. if you haven't picked it up yet, the number to call is 182-76-7695. you can also go to kdvr
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buy more than one increasing your odds to winning and several other prizes as well. you are also donating to a great cause. what you think of the house? >> it's gorgeous. we were out with the pinpoint weather beasts and you can see earlier today a lot of folks swinging by to say hi and check out the house. i think the main point i noticed were the finished basement is beautiful. the wine cooler and the master bedroom, i've never seen that before. the shower is incredible. >> -- he had his finger on the pulse of the fashion world. >> his hidden talent. the broncos are in the midst of their third exhibition game against the rams. meanwhile, it looks as though the cowboys will start the season without tony romo as he goes down. and some national tv exposure
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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we three of the national football league exhibition season, generally known as your regular season dress rehearsal. the broncos lead the rams 17-9 late in the fourth, although los angeles just got a big 76-yard run and in the shadow of the goal line. trying to make this a little mo trevor simeon tennis 17 for 122 yards a touchdown an interception in the first half. full highlights and reaction coming up in about 20 minutes. the rocks trying to end a four-game skid and washington got a third inning homer from charlie blackmon to lead three nothing. his 23rd of the season. he can really swinging. it was 4-3 good guys in the ninth with adam are latino looking to close it out with his
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we going to ask her innings for top of the 11th in the rocks have a field day against your scenario pettit. bachmann starting out to get to run shot. his face multiple home run game of the season to complete a 3-6 day. carlos gonzalez adds an exclamation. his first home run since august 3, the 24th of the season for him. the rockies with five runs on seven hits in the 1 the win and a game that took just under five hours to play. >> it's been a bit of a domino affect the last few weeks. missing some guys one after another. but, you know, the guys have stepped up and played a, played pretty well and there's nothing like having your horses in there and then it changes the game when you are at full strength. >> the rockies will send jorge
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and a bid to clean up their second series went over the nationals in less than two weeks. cracked vertebrae's in his back, will cost tony romo 6-10 weeks the season for the injury happened to replace and last thursday's exhibition what the seahawks. that means rookie zach prescott will be the opening day quarterback for the cowboys. prescott has easily been the best of the rookie class throughout the first three weeks of the preseason, hitting 39 of 50 passes for 450 fire yards with five touchdowns and no interceptions. so become distant third cowboy rookie to start a game at cornerback for the cowboys. try it men and quincy carter, two of three aren't bad. -- opening on national television today with a very good club from the phoenix area. sakura high coming to colorado and wreaking havoc with the home team, which still had some pretty nice moments. dylan mccaffrey working in the
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him down the middle of the field to set up the big play and finishing it off with his legs and a little 11-yard scamper coming up to finished the scoring. it was nowhere near enough today in a 49-28 loss. given there. data boy. so there you go. we of course have more coming up on the denver broncos, who are trying to hold on for a win against the rams. >> a great day for football and to see a denver school on >> very cool an incredible. where has the time gone this summer that we could be playing high school football. are you kidding me? >> everyone that drafted tony romo in fantasy football, sorry. >> if anyone really did that they weren't thinking very far ahead. all you have to think is for-12 a year ago when he missed half the season. >> thanks bruce. we leave you tonight with this story out of northeastern india. two frogs tied the knot on top of the leaf.
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ceremony will bring rain and end a long drought. foxy one denver news at 10:00 is next. stay with us.
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fox 31 denver news at 10:00. >> one week ago today tragedy struck at 58 and federal when a car accident claimed the life of 48 your old john jefferson of arvada. >> 21 -year-old breanna bowie just 21 years old when she died in that fatal head-on collision earlier this week, studying to be a teacher and a nearby school district. the vigil behind me, which is just wrapping up. mostly young people still here gathering and comforting each other, clearly very popular in the community. hundreds gathering to pay their


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